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Pediatric Speech Therapy Services and Methods


"Ms. Ana," as her patients call her, became the first SLP in Maryland to earn PROMPT Certification in 2004; there are currently only 7. PROMPT SLPs employ a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment, most notably using their hands to shape the patient’s jaw, lips and tongue for correct sound and word productions.  While many therapists have taken an introductory course in the method, PROMPT Certification provides unique insights into the neuromuscular complexities involved in many cases, thereby increasing the chances of maximizing progress in patients. PROMPT Therapy sessions run 45 minutes. Learn more about PROMPT Therapy in this short video.


Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

The muscles of the mouth are not only important for speaking and eating, but they also help to grow and maintain the structures of the face. The resting position and movements of oral and facial muscles during activities of daily life can impact the teeth, the bones of the skull and ultimately the airway. Ms. Ana is a member of the prestigious IAOM, and she uses her training in that field to treat issues involving the structure and function of the nose and mouth in matters of breathing, word formation, enunciation, tongue ties/restrictions, dental differences, and eating. Durations for this type of therapy can vary. Get an overview of the important roles the nose and mouth play in this brief video.


SPEAK owner and founder Ana Curtin brings decades of experience and hours of advanced training to SPEAK when treating children with verbal language and oral feeding struggles. She pairs that with a nurturing approach that sets meaningful goals, and fun, motivating therapy that focuses on parent education and produces immediate success for kids. She is especially well matched to those who haven't responded to other therapies or may need extra knowledge, creativity or compassion to meet their potential. Sessions run 45 minutes.



 Since the muscles of the mouth are used for speech and eating, we often see overlapping issues with the involved muscle as the pattern in one area perpetuates the other. Whether a child is picky, messy, slow, or fast to eat, their performance may indicate a clear issue with structure, muscle or function.  Patient trust and understanding are integral components to a quality feeding program. Whether your child needs to wean from a g-tube, chew with their mouth closed or drink from a straw...we can help! 


Consultation &
Presentation Services

Based on Ana's extensive expertise and experience, she is often called to do mentoring, team planning, and workshops for various groups. She has presented for parents, professional groups, state conventions, graduate programs and international conventions through Talk Tools. If your child is in a remote area with limited resources, Ana works closely with school staff to support priorities in public therapy. Please reach out for details.


Integrated Speech & Occupational Therapy

This a unique therapy offering allows the speech therapist and occupational therapist to problem-solve together in real-time with the child. We create a plan to integrate shared goals across environments. The result is a more efficient overlap of goals into your child’s ongoing individual services and a better understanding of how your child learns. Co-treatment is offered as a single session or on-going service option.

Immediate Needs?

Please call us at 410-349-0332 to talk with us about your child's therapy needs.

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