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Autism, PROMPT Therapy

Empowering Your Child to

SPEAK, LLC, represents central Maryland’s premier provider of pediatric speech therapy services. We help children of all abilities reach their maximum potential through advanced techniques, a personal touch, and a collaborative approach.


You Have Come to the
Right Place

No progress? Do not give up! Apraxia? Dysarthria? Tongue Tie? SPEAK specializes in motor speech disorders and oral muscular dysfunction in children and teens, with a focus on complex cases that have not yet found success with traditional speech therapy. Many times, that is because a structural or muscular issue has gone undiagnosed.

Foster Fun Progress for
Your Child

SPEAK founder Ana Curtin along with Judy Hanlon bring a unique experience and hours of advanced training to the practice. We provide fun, motivating, and highly productive therapy that focuses on parent education and immediate success for kids with mild to severe issues with verbal language or feeding. We are especially well matched to those who haven’t responded to other therapies, may need additional knowledge, creativity or compassion to reach their maximum potential.

Immediate Needs?

Please call us at 410-349-0332 to talk with us about your child's therapy needs.

It is rare to find professionals who are as knowledgeable and as enthusiastic about what they do; we feel so lucky to have found you since you embody both. Thank you for your professionalism and for your heart! You went above and beyond in every single session. You’ve made such a difference in our daughter’s life!

—  Emily W.

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